Thanksgiving Day

Who knows when and why did the festivity of Thanksgiving day start?

When America was just very young, after 1 century and half after the discovery by Christopher Columbus, a group of people coming from England and Ireland landed on the Atlantic coast of the New World. They were the Pilgrim Fathers. They were Dissenters, Irish, escaping from the famine and prisoners sent to the New World to populate it.

It was in 1621 when they arrived and founded the first 13 colonies. The Pilgrim Fathers were helped by the Indians to survive the first winter. They gave them seeds to plant, helped them to build houses and a starnge animal that the European had never seen before: the Turkey.

In order to thank the Indians for their help, the Pilgrim Fathers had a big lunch with them the next Summer and that was the first Thanksgiving Day.

Nowadays in America Thanksgiving Day is celebrated the fourth Thursday of November and families gather togheter to have a dinner at home.

What do they eat?

A stuffed Turkey, of course!


And now … a poem.


Tell me, Mr.   Turkey,
  Don’t you feel afraid
  When you hear us talking
  ‘Bout the plans we’ve made?

Can’t you   hear us telling
  How we’re going to eat
  Cranberries and stuffing
  With our turkey meat?

Turkey, heed   my warning:
  Better fly away;
  Or you will be sorry
  On Thanksgiving day.



Last night in England people celebrated the night when the king James Ist’s soldiers arrested Guy Fawkes. He was a Catholic who wanted to blow up the Parliament in order to kill the king. The complot was discovered and guy arrested and excecuted.

Every 5th November people celebrate this event light up a bonfire with a puppet like Guy in the middle and children go on the street and ask a penny for a Guy. with the money the buy sweets, potatoes and bread to cook in the fire.