The first meeting with our Dutch collegues
was last year on April 10th in Bracciano. Here a photo of that meeting.




08th -13th MARCH 2011

We are in the town hall in

 8th MARCH 2011




We left from Ciampino
airport at 10.00 and we arrived in Weeze airport at 12.10a.m. There Eduard and
5 host parents picked us up and took us to Hoogeveen. We had an appointment in
front of the school at about 03.00 p.m.





At school we found all the
families and children and some teachers waiting for us and we had a welcoming
party with some cakes made by the Dutch parents. Later we had a look of the
school and we went home with the host families and our partners.



Our teachers, Ms Dionisi
and Ms Aristei were accompanyed to their hotel.








At 9.00 we went to school
with our Dutch friends to follow the daily lessons. Some of us followed Dutch
language with Mrs Ymie Krozen, the Dutch teachers and other the other subjects.


At 1.00 p.m. we went to
visit a wind mill in Hoogeveen , we went there by bike and we enjoed it a lot.
At the mill, our English teacher, Ms Dionisi, translated what the mill owner
was explaing in English. We learnt how they did and do flour.


After we went to visit a church so that we can do comparison with the Italian Catholic church.

Later we went to the
town-hall where one of the 4 assessors explained us about the young










10th MARCH 2011




We went to school at 09.00 a.m.
to follow the daily lesson and at 11.00 we left for a cow farm to know how they
milk the cows in an industrial way. At the farm we were divided in two groups
so that we can better follow the steps to milk and to deliver milk. We saw how
the cows are milked by a robot: they themselves enter into this machine when
they are ready to be milked and that is twice a day. After we went to see how
cheese is made in an industrial way.


After the tour of the dairy we
had a taste of the best cheese made in Drenthe.

After our visit to the dairy we
went back to Hoogeeven for a football match in the sport accomodation near the




11th MARCH  2011


We arrived at school at 8.00 and
followed a lesson of History during which the History tracher taught us about
the pre-historical way fo burying the deads. She showed us about Dolmen and
asked some questions about it. She also showed us pictures about the 2nd world
War. Our English teacher Translated the most difficult parts for us.

Then we left for a visit to the
hunebed centre in Borger.


In the afternoon we visited the former concentration camp Westerbork and we saw a film, an exibition and the
camp itself. It was very sad to know about people in the concentration camp.




Then we went to Hoogeveen at school to celebrate Eva’s birthday


12th MARCH 2011







We got up very early because we left
for Amsterdam by train. At 9.30 we arrived to Amsterdam and we went directly to
the Anna Frank House. There was a guide who explained us Anna Frank’s life in
that house, she described the house and she raccomanded not to touch and to
speak loudly. Our English teacher translated all the guide told us and we
started our visitat the house.


Then we went shopping in the main
commercial street in Amsterdam.



After that we took the train and
went back to Hoogeveen where we had a good-bye dinner with our host students
and parents.



We showed the presentation we made
and the video, too and our English teacher, Ms Dionisi , spoke to thank
everybody with emotion.



We were a bit sad because we knew
that the day after we had to leave.


























3 thoughts on “CULTURAL EXCHANGE

  1. Dear Prof. Dionisi
    your photos are very beautiful and pretty ….. =)
    When we will go to Holland, we will do many photos,
    so she will put them in your blog !!!!

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