Here are some pictures that Anja sent me from Sweden.

GUESS : who is Anja?

I’m waiting for your answers ( little help: pupils in class 3 B know who she is)

Finally we have winter here in Traryd. The last week it has been really cold, -15 degrees. That is too much! I hope it will be a bit warmer this week.
I have attached some photos.
Photo 1 is Georg in the slope in our schoolyard.
Photo 2 is Ninni.
Photo 3 are, from left to right, Hanna, Amanda, georg, Leo, Mimmi, Ninni, Julia and Ellie.
It is your turn to write isn´t it? Or have I misunderstood?
Kind regards, Anja.


The school-year 2010- 2011, just finished, has started with a good project with a
school in Denmark. It has been since 2007-2008 that I have contacts with
schools in Denmark, thanks to the portal ” the Image of the other”,
so that my pupils are put in touch with pupils in Denmark.

Here is a project I had with the pipils of class 3

Newspaper Project

 Italy and Denmark

On Thursday September 20th 2010 both schools:

Hillerød, Denmark and Istituto Comprensivo
Orte, Scuola Media A. Deci, Italy

will take several free copies of the newspapers:

Metro Express

Metro Express

From those newspapers several articles are cut out, made copies of and/or scanned.

These items are the divided in these “themes”:

1Headline first page

2Foreign news

3Weather forecast

4Television program





The class will be split up in smaller groups. Every group will get an article or item.

This article is to be:

A. scanned (in order to email the original to the project partner)

B. summarized

C. translated, all or just a part of it

To do this the children get 3 times 45 minutes.

In the Ålholmskolen this will be during the English lessons.

In the Istituto Comprensivo Orte, Scuola Media A. Deci this will be during the
lessons: English

At the end of the project all results will be mailed to the project partner; not
later than on September 27th.

The results will be published in posters showing the similarities and differences
between the newspapers in Denmark and Italy on a given day. The posters will be
finished end September.

Here are the results:



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